Onsite Representation

Onsite Representation and Quality Liaison Services

Experienced onsite representation can help you get ahead of quality issues before they turn into large scale problems that have major downstream consequences.

QAS Solutions provides fully experienced quality control professionals to monitor your components at the OEM’s location. With QAS, you can scale the support you need at an OEM location to identify, communicate, and manage quality problems before they become an issue with your customer.

  • Your first line of defense in response to quality issues
  • Trained to know your parts and processes
  • Ensure new product, program, and platform success
  • Onsite investigation and fault analysis 
  • Reduce risk and protect your relationship with your OEM
  • QAS stays involved to ensure customer quality requirements are being met

Worrying about manufacturing details and issues takes time away from other important areas of running your business. You can be confident that onsite representation and quality liaison services from QAS Solutions will execute processes and procedures correctly and that you in turn will benefit from the expertise of our quality control professionals. 

We ask the right questions up front to prevent quality issues from occurring, and if any issues arise at the manufacturing location, your onsite representative can address them in person and face-to-face for quick resolve. Our onsite representation professionals are partnered with customers based on a number of factors that ensure success including industry experience and level of support required.

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